Friday, June 10, 2011

Got a job!

Surprise, Surprise!  Was I looking for a job?  No.  I was going to concentrate on my accounting class and once that was over with, I would start looking for one!  But the job came looking for me instead, so what could I say?

Todd called me shortly after he took his class to start his new position today and asked if I was interested in working for the same company in one of the on site offices.  Details, I said!  Twelve hour shifts, seven days a week for a decent rate of pay.  No, sorry, not acceptable!  I have my two Chihuahua's to think about and there was no way I would leave them locked in the 19 foot condo for 12 hours everyday.  I told the guy I would work 8 hour shifts and not a moment more, he said he would call me back.

Ten minutes later, my phone rang!  Off I ran to Joplin, where his trailer was parked in the Walmart parking lot to fill out my application and work papers.  Now picture this....I've been doing office work for many years, most recently at Dow Chemical where "business casual" was a little dressier than most places, so when he said "business casual" I assumed he didn't quite mean as dressy as Dow.  So, I show up in a nice pullover tee shirt type shirt, tan capri's and my pink slip on shoes (which are the only shoes I brought that weren't heels or sandles) and he laughs!  Turns out I am WAY overdressed!  Business casual means, Jeans, Shirt with at least sleeves of 4 inches, steel toed boots, a hard hat, safety glasses and a very fashionable yellow reflective vest (which I have actually always wanted for when I am riding my motorcycle in the dark).

So, he gives me a nice blue hard hat, the vest and let's me borrow his safety glasses and....takes off his steel toed boots and tells me to put them on and go to the safety class.  Capri's and steel toed boots...did you hear me?  Let me say it again, CAPRI's and STEEL TOED BOOTS!  Donning all my gear, (sweaty steel toed boots, with no socks....not pretty) I head off to this safety meeting, only to stand in the sun for an hour before the guy sitting at the table gives us a 15 minute talk on pretty much common sense stuff, gives us a card and a sticker and we are done!  Back to the job trailer I went, off came the boots, gave back the safety glasses and Ross says he will call me or Todd to give details of when and where I need to be tomorrow morning IF they approve me to work 8 hour shifts.

I headed to the local Walmart in Carthage to buy my steel toed boots since the Walmart where he was had sold out.  $40.00 later I had everything I needed to either start work, or make a return trip to Walmart to take everything back if I didn't start work.  But Ross called this evening and I was approved to work the 8 hour shifts.  So, I'm a working girl again as of 7:30 (that's 8:30 to all you Michigander friends of mine) tomorrow morning!

I'm a little worried about the accounting class, but I think I will have enough time for homework.  If I can ever figure out why I am off almost $230,000.00 on my final project.  I've been over it and over it, and I am sure it is a simple mistake.  But it must be a mixture of 2-3 numbers that I have wrong, since nothing stands out to me.  It's driving me crazy....I'm taking next semester off!

So, if you don't hear from me quite as often, it's not because I have forgotten about's just that I am overworked again.  I accept all forms of pity if you would like to send them my way!


  1. how exciting congratulations! never hurts to have two incomes,,Linda

  2. Living the dream - sounds like a great adventure with your man, dogs, classes and now a job.....similar to my job (tee, hee). Got my hard hat, goggles, boots but only have to wear them when I have to go out in the plant which is not too often. Keep us posted....your job ought to be very interesting, but fun.
    Blessings to you,