Monday, June 20, 2011

Faith and Hamburger Helper

I have to say that the least enjoyable part about owning a 19 foot Condo is cooking in it.  We haven't bought a grill yet, and I have never cooked on a grill, but am thinking it's time to buy one and learn.  I have a small stove with 3 gas burners, a microwave and a tiny crock pot.  And since we came down on Faith and Hamburger Helper, I'm trying not to be cynical here. But, I'm really sick of hamburger helper now....

Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper....I've gotten it down to quite a science.  The first thing we realized was that we should never make an entire box of hamburger helper for just the two of us.  We have a small dorm size fridge, and keeping leftovers is not a good option for us.  So, I first have to measure out the ingredients in the box of HH or TH and split them in half.  Then there is my very limited supply of pots and pans, which must be washed everyday....doggone it!  I spend more time hauling hot water up to the camper then I ever thought I would.  Luckily I don't have to heat it on the stove, but I can't wait until we have a camper with a hot water heater....and sink....and shower.  The second big realization we had is that when we open a can of veggies to eat with supper, we must eat the whole can....again, the small fridge thing.

I have gotten in the habit of stopping at the grocery store each day on my way home from work.  If nothing else, we need a bag of ice in the cooler each day.  Our fridge does have a tiny freezer in it, and it's possible for me to buy meat for 2 or 3 days and fit it in.  I found a store in Joplin on my way home (I researched on the internet for grocery stores in Joplin, but half of them in my area don't exist since the tornado) called Food 4 Less.  Food here is a bit more expensive than in Michigan, especially milk!  So anything for less is a good thing!

We have been able to cook some yummy food in the tiny crock pot, but I have run out of idea's.  Todd's allergic to peppers of all kinds and cooked tomato's give him awful heartburn...which is so sad to me since I love all kinds of cooked tomato's (but the lack of peppers doesn't bother me at all!).  I have a great crock pot cookbook at home....wish I had thought to bring it with me. 

So, once or twice a week we buy deli meats and eat sandwiches every other day and I cook every other day.  Ok, Todd eats a sandwich, but since I rarely eat bread, I eat a "meat, cheeze, veggie" roll up!  Some nights are just too hot, or we have worked too hard to want to cook anything, so sandwiches are a great option....but again, I'm getting bored.  I think in addition to a grill, I need a toaster oven.  That would really enhance our meal options!

Yes, Faith and Hamburger Helper have actually gotten us a long way.  Michigan to Missouri, jobless to 12 hour/7 day a week jobs for decent wages...I shouldn't complain.  What I should do, is beg for simple recipes that you all may have that I don't know about!  So, drop me an idea or two in the comment box below and I will try them out!  But not tomorrow....tomorrow is small group with the new church friends I made....and they are having a Greek night!  NUM NUM!

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  1. You should look online for crock pot recipes. I very seldom even look in recipe books anymore. They have great recipes online.