Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fare thee well, Single Life

So, here I am in the final 36 hours of my single life.  Single life hasn't been bad to me, I was able to gain a lot financially and socially while I partied my bottom off!  No one to answer to, no one to tell me, "you can't do that" or "where are you going and when will you be back?".  Yes, I have had some good times!  But, the single life, while fun, get's old.

40 years old to be exact.  40 years to realize that you don't HAVE to tell the one you love where you're going, but if you love and respect him,  you do because you don't want him to worry.  He will not yell and scream that you are going out with the girls, but be glad that you have good friends to talk to and do stuff with, fully knowing that he can trust you to make the right decisions without him standing over your shoulder.

40 years to realize that I'm not the only one that I can count on.  I can count on my mom, dad, my children and my friends.  I don't have to face life alone anymore, I have a plethora of friends and family who love and support me in all that I do (whether they agree with me or not!).  What a weight off my shoulders.

40 years to realize that I have a glorious Lord and Savior who has a plan for me that may stretch me and mold me into someone I never dreamed I would be.  He has taken me from the single, lonely, lost life, and given me love, hope and dreams.  My God is an awesome God indeed!

40 years to find the man of my dreams.  My knight in shining armor, my hero, my love, my partner, my friend.  He treats me like a Queen, and he is my King.  If all I ever have in life is the happiness in my heart that I feel now for him, then I shall die a happy woman.  I love you Todd, even during my mood swings....

So, goodbye Single Life, I had a great time, but we were not meant to be.  Don't cry for me, you will go on with another, and teach them to be strong as they walk their path.  Thanks for the dance....

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