Friday, May 20, 2011


Got up bright and early this morning and headed to the hall to set it up for the reception.  4 hours later and 1 smashed toe and it looks beautiful!  Back to the house I go to pack and shower and get ready for tomorrow.

Now it's 1:15....grab a bite to eat and decided to make the tuna salad (I know I'm not supposed to do anything for the wedding, but I just knew I would need something to do to keep me busy).  Todd leaves at 2:00 to go get the kids while I am still making the tuna salad (which turned out delic!). what?  Well, may as well cube the cheese!  2:50.....FACEBOOK!  2:55.....Now what?  Why is the day moving so slowely now???  3:00 ok, maybe I will run into town and get the booze....darn, Todds got the car, I don't wanna drive the truck.  3:10  COMPANY!!!!!

3:30  Company what??  Ok, time to pack...clothes for tomorrow, make up.....3:45  Now what???  Read over the lists for people in key rolls at the wedding.....3:50  FACEBOOK!  3:52...where is everyone?  Check the bags, yep, got everything....3:53.....NOW WHAT???

So....maybe I am a little anxious.....nerved up.....shaking like a leaf...........but I'm no bridezilla at least!

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